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Fast loss adjustment, verified spare parts, high-quality work and a replacement car during repairs is what makes Autokliinik the place to bring your vehicle. We are skilled to repair all car brands. In addition, your vehicle’s warranty remains valid after the repair.

If you need a replacement car during the repair, you should mention it when booking a repair appointment. Our professional loss adjusters help you with this and all other matters related to vehicle repairs.

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1. Loss adjustment

You do not need to book an appointment to evaluate the damage your car has suffered. Our loss adjusters are ready to welcome you on business days from 9 AM to 5 PM.
If your car has suffered damages, you can turn to us directly. The adjusters note down the damages to your vehicle, make the necessary copies of documents and help you fill in a loss report. The handling process usually takes 20 minutes, this includes filling in the loss report. All materials as well as a loss calculation are sent directly to the insurance company. If you already have a previously filled-in loss report, we only need to assess the damages.
If you want to fill in the loss report beforehand, you can do it here.


2. Painting of vehicles

All paint jobs are done in our workshop. We see each job as an opportunity to demonstrate what a high quality paint job and service looks like.
A paint job on an older vehicle will have as high a quality as one on a new vehicle.
We use modern technology and materials in our work. Cromax Pro paints ensure the correct colour match and granule and Spectral varnish gives the perfect finishing touch.
When choosing a tone, we use the vehicle’s factory colour code and check it under a special Spektroled light.


3. Outfitting, sheet metal works and body reshaping.

Outfitting and sheet metal work are an integral part of paint jobs.
All details to be painted must be outfitted and, if necessary, straightened beforehand. In case of a more serious accident we check the vehicle’s diagonals and pull them back to their place if necessary,
using an Autorobot XLS body reshaping bench. After restoring the surfaces of the body, we immediately cover them with epoxide primer and apply corrosion protection to the parts’ interior surfaces.


4. Glass damage

Bright and unbroken windscreen ensures good visibility with all weather conditions. Replacing windscreens is on of our main activities.
We use an innovative Teroson Multicut tool to remove them. By using this method, we protect the cushions around your vehicle’s body and windscreen
from physical damages.

Replacement car


When you bring your car in for repairs, we will take care that you could drive on…


If you would like to receive a replacement car for the period of repairs, we can book it for you. Please, let us know, while we are planning repairs of your damaged vehicle. Thus you can be certain that the replacement car will be waiting for you when you bring your damaged car for repairs. Replacement cars are only provided for the period of repair works. You will have to return it to us when you come to pick up your repaired vehicle.

Obligations with regard to rented cars:

    • While booking a replacement car you have to justify your need for such service (e.g. you have a highly mobile work, you live outside the city limits, etc.)
    • You have to fuel the replacement car. You have to return it to us with the same amount of fuel it had when we provided the replacement car to you.
    • You have to pay any and all fines (for instance, with regard to parking or speed limit violations).
    • Upon returning the replacement car you have to pay 10 euros for its cleaning.

If the replacement car gets damaged you have to pay us 190 euros of personal liability expenses. If another party is guilty of the accident, we will return you the paid sum.



We want to help you and we know how to do it.

High quality materials and tools along with reliable and professional team have been contributing to success of Autokliinik all these years and helped us to reach top 10 largest Estonian companies in this field. We understand that it is hard to stay without a car, considering fast paced modern life. We value the time of our customers and provide fast repairs and a replacement car option. We are an accepted partner for all insurance companies; our services are used by vehicle fleets of large Estonian enterprises and by leasing companies.

If your car got into trouble, contact us – we will help!


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